About Myanmar

Myanmar (formally Burma) is at a pivotal moment. The government has ushered in a series of political and economic reforms after decades of authoritarianism, a revised peace process is under way to address on-going ethnic conflicts and the foundations of an open market economy are being laid after years of isolation. There is everything to play for.

Myanmar is enjoying a groundswell of goodwill from international community that is keen to support the country in its process of change and opening. Investors and businesses are understandably interested in this highly unusual and potentially promising market prospect. Myanmar is at the heart of the world fastest growing region and begins its transformation in the digital age.

Country Data

CURRENCY: Burmese Kyat MMK
LANGUAGE: Burmese/Myanmar (Official), English
LARGEST CITY: Yangon (Rangoon)
CAPITAL: Naypyidawa
DRIVES ON: right
POPULATION: 60,280,000 (2010 estimate)