Product Highlights

N.R. Industries Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. F26
N.R.INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD is specialized in completed for packaging and pharmaceutical machine production line.We provide the turnkey complete for pharmaceutical ,Our solution is quality-based, reasonable price, and cost effective which will enhance your competitiveness ,We have skillful team members with more than 30 years experienced in machinery.
Northern Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. F23
Sanko Automatic powder and granules packaging machine model:MC101 a wide variety of models make it possible to adapt to various packaging forms. The production efficiency is extremely high.
Now Systems Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C20
High Performance for Metal Detection
  • Multi Frequency Operation
  • Full Color Touch Screen (7 inch TFT LCD)
  • Digital Signal Processing Function
  • Auto-setting function of the inspection items
  • Manageable Metal Detecting History
  • Easy Software upgrade
  • Password Setup Function