Product Highlights

Keenpro Industry Corp.
Stand No. TW#
  1. PET Automatic Stretch Blowing Machine
  2. Preform & Cap Injection Machine
  3. Bottle Design
  4. Oil free High Pressure Air Compressor
  5. Preform & Cap & Bottle Mold
Kiefel GmbH
Stand No. E5
KIEFEL High speed thermoforming and German quality for the production of cups and a wide range of similar products, the Kiefel automatic pressure forming and tilting machines offer you the perfect solution. The cup forming series KTR Thermorunner stand for highest possible output and lowest production cost.
Klockner Pentaplast (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. E10
Kloeckner Pentaplast Pentalabel Rigid PETG LF-TG10T32-T52 Opaque White Film. A White Opaque film with high shrinkage that instantly upgrades brand image. The best film application for dairy products with UV light blocking for premium and modern packaging products.
KWT Machine Systems Co., Ltd.
Stand No. TW#
Bottle Unscrambeler / Auto Filling Machine / Auto Capping Machine / Auto Labeling Machine / Complete Line Solution