Product Highlights

Ferrum Ltd., Canning Technology
Stand No. D1
ferruBasic-can-seamers with three hygienic kits. 1: Stand lower part with sloped pan which liquids drip on during production and rinsing in cleaning process 2: Stainless steel enclosure and lid on upper part. 3: Seaming tool with improved hygienic design reduces flat surfaces and optimizes edge radii - minimizes germ risk.
FNB Machinery & Solutions Co Ltd
Stand No. G21
It's the ideal filling equipment for medicament light industry, food, pesticide and other special industry. It can fill the hot liquid or paste materials at 85-95 C. It has to be used with the air supply.
Franz Haas Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Stand No. D19
Our commitment to technical innovation has had a decisive influence on our company history and is central to our absolute customer orientation. Wafers, cones, waffles, marshmallows or biscuits - everything is possible.
Fu Jih Compressor Industries Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E22
We produce high pressure Air Compressor from the range below 7kg/c㎡ to 100kg/c㎡ or above with 15 HP to 500 HP. We can customize the function to meet the requirement of the specific industry.